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What is Holiness?

Played: 194 | Download | Duration: 01:05:45

A great sermon and teaching for new converts. The basics of holy living are taught in this message.

Weight of His Glory

Played: 562 | Download | Duration: 00:26:48

This preaching by Pastor Rhodus will reveal the need of every believer. Listen now and put into action this teaching.

Mountain Movers

Played: 120 | Download | Duration: 00:39:24

Listen to Apostolic Preaching and Teaching! Be blessed as your faith begins to soar!

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One Lost Sheep, One Lost Coin & One Late Hour!

Played: 117 | Download | Duration: 00:45:38

Listen to this inspiring preaching that will reveal the heart of God in this late hour we live!

A Church Without Miracles

Played: 108 | Download | Duration: 01:17:28

Listen to preaching for free! This sermon will help your faith increase for miracles! 

This new Ebook is available through Kindle.

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Faith-365 (Ebook)

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Be inspired by this new book! Read the testimonies of healings, miracles and get a daily dose of faith that you will find no where else!

By Pastor Charles A. Rhodus

The Blood, The Blood, The Blood

Played: 1038 | Download | Duration: 00:51:27

Listen now to Apostolic preaching.

Hem of His Garment - Tammy Rhodus

Played: 651 | Download | Duration: 00:31:28

Be blessed by this great message Tammy Rhodus brought to us on a Wednesday night!

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Valley of Dry Bones

Played: 667 | Download | Duration: 00:28:12

See how this passage in Ezekiel can relate to today's church!

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War Cry of Victory

Played: 646 | Download | Duration: 00:23:32

Be blessed by this sermon on praise and worship!

Listen now to Apostolic preaching!

Speaking in Tongues? - Book

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Learn the FOUR purposes of tongues.

Samson, Jesus and End Time Revival

Played: 1215 | Download | Duration: 00:56:37

Be blessed today by this great preaching of the Word of God by Pastor Charles A. Rhodus!

God will amaze you!

Valley of Ditches, The

Played: 910 | Download | Duration: 01:02:19

Be blessed by this inspiring and encouraging sermon!!

Crown and the Napkin, The

Played: 884 | Download | Duration: 00:38:42

Be blessed by this preaching and teaching from Easter 2013.

If You Love Me

Played: 892 | Download | Duration: 01:10:24

Listen to preaching and teaching right here for free!

This sermon will be a real blessing to you!

Living Lean in the Fat Years

Played: 864 | Download | Duration: 00:49:28

Not a fancy title but a message from God.

Listen to Apostolic preaching in Hammond, Indiana!

How to Pray - Teaching

Played: 813 | Download | Duration: 01:13:42

Learn how to pray by this great teaching!

Satan, Demons, and You! - Book

Satan, Demons, and You! is a new Ebook written by Pastor Rhodus. Here is what you can learn!

This book on spiritual warfare will do a number of things for you. It will identify Satan and demons in a new light. The false images of the devil are exposed and with the Bible Satan, is revealed. A number of important topics are discussed: the spirit of homosexuaity, how demons enter, how spirits trasfer from one person to another, how a fetus can have a demon, why diseases such as cancer come back, how to get deliverance and maintain it, the devil's two main weapons against you, why some demons cannot be cast out and much more! I have no doubt that the beginner and the well studied believer will gain insight through the lessons taught here. This book will be a great gift idea for your pastor or church leaders. Satan wants to keep us ignorant about himself and his tactics. Uncover him today!

Blinded by the Past

Played: 1102 | Download | Duration: 01:02:54

Preaching and Teaching by the World of Pentecost is always free!

Be blessed by this sermon.

Nothing is Impossible with God

Played: 1001 | Download | Duration: 00:50:13

Is it time for your faith to come up higher?